Carolyn-Rae is a holistic health practitioner who is passionate about empowering people to nurture and heal themselves. She combines an intuitive wisdom with many years of therapeutic massage, nutrition, and energy techniques to help others re-establish an inner dialog with their well-being. The result is that her clients regain their ability to nourish themselves on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

To truly thrive

Thrive’ is not only her company but also her goal for everyone who finds her door. To thrive is to grow strongly and vigorously. Sadly, some people are satisfied with just surviving from day to day. But to truly thrive is to flourish and expand – to bloom! This is achievable in most cases because they are receptive to her healing guidance, ‘having tried everything else’, as they’ve confided in her. Curiosity also leads many to her because they are keen to use her insights and advice to speed their own personal growth.

While Carolyn-Rae is based in Christchurch, NZ , she helps people worldwide strengthen their energy thanks to the miracles of technology – Skype. Because life energy is present and available 24/7, her sessions are not dependent on time and place. To book a personal session.

“Health is not everything,
but everything is nothing without it.”