Balancing Energy

When a body is operating at its optimal level, each system, cell, and atom is in constant communication with each other. Many months or years of poor internal communication must be repaired. Restoring one’s health takes time and patience, and it’s wise not to make this journey alone. Many people turn to energy medicine for its safety, effectiveness, and in some cases, immediate results. Working with the body’s intelligence as Carolyn-Rae does, she quickly tunes into weakness and susceptibility.

Energy session with Carolyn-Rae

Conventional medicine first labels the problem, then tries to treat it by isolating bits and pieces of our body. In contrast, energy medicine explores the metabolic energy systems and corrects the disturbances. Stress, pain, and illness suck away our very life force. They deprive us of vital resources that would otherwise nurture our immune system and the healing process. By addressing the root causes, such as stress, results are lasting and can be profound.

Energy session with Carolyn-Rae

Carolyn-Rae’s sensibilities and experience enable her to attune to the unique energy of others. Her techniques are grounded in BodyTalk™ and Accunect™ – both being non-invasive forms of healthcare that rely on the body’s ability to heal itself in a natural manner. Along with health maps, she employs other facets of natural, complimentary, and vibrational medicine that have delivered results over the years. Her combination of these protocols gives her singular insight into the needs of each client.

As an accomplished healthcare professional, Carolyn-Rae works with consciousness and integrity and guarantees absolute privacy and confidentiality.

Carolyn-Rae is an experienced Oneness Blessing Giver and she will offer you a complimentary blessing at the close of each session.

What to Expect

Individual choices we make along the way affix their stamp on our health in some fashion. Because everyone’s healing journey is unique, there is no ‘typical’ session. You might have a ‘wham pow’ moment, and yet again, notice nothing at all. Changes are typically gradual. Information that your body presents during a session may not make much sense to you, and can even be mystifying for a while.

Energy session for mother and baby with Carolyn-Rae

Some people respond immediately, whereas ailments that are more entrenched may require seven or more sessions. After just two treatments, CarolynRae herself experienced increased energy and restful sleep again after a very long illness by using these systems. She once again anticipated every new day with excitement, after many years of blahs. The majority realise benefits after three treatments, especially when accompanied with other changes, such as modifying habits. Many clients report that their friends and family have noticed changes before they themselves do.

Energy session for mother and baby with Carolyn-Rae

Results do not depend on your understanding the process. Carolyn-Rae will explain every element during the course of the treatment. However it is important that you trust the process – YOUR process – and respect that it will be unique. She doesn’t expect to change your life – she expects YOU to change your own life with her help. Ideally, you would ‘listen’ as your body responds to treatment and assume the lead role. Yours will be a journey toward reclaiming your personal power, and making friends with your body again.

“I have continued to have regular BodyTalk sessions and also more recently, Accunect sessions, with a variety of qualified practitioners along with other modalities, when indicated by my body during these sessions. The unique thing about this type of system is that it acknowledges the body's priority at any given time and the body will indicate when you need to have another session, what to have and who to have it with!

It is some years now since that first session. I am so grateful to my maker for the gift that this science is and very thankful for the talents of the alternative minded  Doctors who developed them and made them available to the world. I'm also very appreciative to the people in my life who made it possible for me to pursue this modality in all its intriguing pathways and amazing results. I do not recognise myself today when I compare myself with the prospects I had early in 2003. I know there is still a way to go to regain the health and energy of my earlier years but I know now that it is possible and I'm happy to embrace the future and its possibilities.”
– C.S., Canterbury NZ