Lose yourself to find yourself: The Paradox

bridge over calm water

Imagine… that you’re giving your valuable time to the most precious person in your world – you. You’re exquisitely relaxed in surroundings that are quiet and private in the comfort you deserve. Healing music flows around you, and your senses are soothed by the fragrance of the essential oils that have been specifically selected for you. With continuous gliding strokes your therapist coaxes tension from your muscles. Stress that robbed you of your vitality melts away. You catch a glimpse of your ‘old self’ again – rested, revived, ready for what comes your way. Your body responds with a simple ‘thank you…’

Lower back pain, stress, depression, neck and shoulder pain, injury, soreness, dodgy hip. These are common complaints that bring people to Carolyn-Rae. Regardless of age, they benefit from therapeutic touch. Her experience tells her that they all need TLC, which she readily provides from a deep reservoir of compassion for she too, has had to deal with her own chronic pain.

Carolyn-Rae's treatment room in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Did you know that our bodies absorb more than just nutrients from food? We are like sponges. Everything in our surroundings leaves its residue – sweet and harsh sounds, garish and calming colours, harmonies and disharmonies, pleasing and unpleasing ideas, positive and negative vibrations, and so on. Our bodies soak up everything automatically without our conscious attention. A form of cellular ‘memory’ comes into play, and we are left not only with debris from today but also from the day before and the day before that and the day before…

Carolyn-Rae giving a session.

‘Letting go’ is at the heart of lasting results, and depends on the mind-body connection – the connection in therapeutic massage. Relaxed muscles tell the mind that it’s safe to let go; the mind is consoled and tells the body that it’s okay to let go; the muscles are reassured and let go, and so the cycle repeats.

As an accomplished healthcare professional, Carolyn-Rae works with consciousness and integrity and guarantees absolute privacy and confidentiality. Carolyn-Rae is also an experienced Oneness Blessing Giver, and she will offer you a complimentary blessing at the close of each session.

Raindrop Technique

Along with other proven methods Carolyn-Rae also offers the popular raindrop therapy. For this treatment she uses high quality, therapeutic grade, imported essential oils. This unique treatment takes about an hour, and involves the neck, spine, and feet. Benefits include boosting the immune system, easing joint pain, and detoxification among many others. Treatment will be discussed with you during an initial consultation.

There are also Raindrop treatments for horses, dogs and cats.

Green Dew

Behind Closed Doors

Because tension can be transmitted to others, Carolyn-Rae first prepares herself by connecting with her own relaxed and receptive state. This allows her to focus solely on your body and what she senses it needs. Just prior to the treatment itself, she uses a simple technique developed over the years that’s highly effective. It allows her to gather information about your physical condition from different levels of consciousness.

Your well-being and peace of mind are paramount. The treatment room is softly lit and cosy. It’s customary to remove outer wear and shoes when on the massage table. The table itself is thickly draped for extra comfort, and you are covered and warm at all times.


Carolyn-Rae includes aromatherapy in her treatments unless you request otherwise. Their complex aromas fill the air with fragrance. The different oils with their individual healing properties deliver even more potent results when she blends or layers them. She prepares a unique medley of oils for you based on her insights during your initial discussions. The benefits of the oils not only take effect immediately, but can last for several days afterwards as they are absorbed into your system. Background music by artists known for their nurturing harmonies enhances the restorative experience.